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This school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The School prepares students for All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) and for All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) of the CBSE.

The medium of instruction is English. The subjects taught are:-

I – V

English, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, science, social science, Environmental Education, Computer, Music, Dance, Drawing, Painting, SUPW.


English, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Science, Computer Science, Environmental Education, Physical Education, Art Education, SUPW


English, Hindi/Malayalam, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, Health & Phy.Edn, SUPW.


English Core, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology/Informatic Practices

Total (100 marks)
Annual Exam – 80 Marks
Internal Assessment – 20 Marks

Board Examination (80 marks) for Class X
Board will conduct an Examination for 80 marks.
100% syllabus of each subject of class X
Both Marks and grades will be allocated by the Board for each subject.
However, school will also conduct Pre-Board Exams for the students.
Annual Examination (80 marks) for Class IX
School Based Exam at the year end.
80 marks exam for each subject covering 100% of the syllabus of class IX

Internal Assessment (20 marks)
Periodic Assessment – 10 marks
Portfolio – 5 marks
Subject Enrichment Activity – 5 marks

Periodic Assessment – 10 marks
Pen and Paper Test – 5 marks, Multiple Assessment – 5 marks
Periodic Test (5 marks)

Period Test ( 5 marks)

  • 3 Periodic tests of 25 marks each to be conducted in the academic year.
  • Average of the best 2 tests to be taken for final marks submission (converted to 5)
  • Cumulative syllabus

Multiple Assessment   (5 marks)

  • Quizzes, Oral Tests, Concept Maps, Exit Cards, Visual Expression etc.

Portfolio (5 marks)

  • Class work
  • Peer Assessment
  • Reflection, narrations, journals
  • Achievements of student in the subject

Subject Enrichment (5 marks)
Language – Effective speaking and Listening skills
Mathematics – Lab activities and Projects
Science – Practical work
Social Science – Map and Project work

Introduction of two levels of Mathematics for AISSE 2020, onwards

  • CBSE has introduced 2 levels
  • Mathematics – Standard, for existing level of examination
  • Mathematics – Basic for easier level of examination
  • Standard level : For students who wish to opt for Mathematics at Sr.Sec.Level
  • Basic Level : For students not keen to peruse Mathematics at Sr.Sec.Level
  • Syllabus, Class Room Teaching and Internal Assessment for both the level remain the same.
  • Student to choose between the two levels of examination at the time of submission of LOC by school to the Board.

Introduction of two levels Mathematics for AISSE 2020, onwards

  • Mathematics – Standard is to be passed at class X, for taking up Mathematics at Sr.Secondary level.
  • A Student qualifying Mathematics – Basic has the option to appear in Mathematics – Standard at the time of compartment exam.
  • There shall not be two levels of assessment examination for Class IX

Introduction of Information Technoloty (Code 402)

  • Skill subject (Subject 6) in class IX
  • If a student fails in any of the three compulsory academic subjects (i.e. Science, Mathematics  and Social Science) and passes in the skill subject (6th optional subject) then it will be replaced by the skill subject and result of class X Board Examination will be computed accordingly.
Compulsory Subject 1 Language 1
Subject 2 Language 2
Subject 3 Science
Subject 4 Mathematics
Subject 5 Social Science
Optional Subject 6 Skill Subject
Subject 7 Language 3/ Any Academic subject other than those opted above
Subject of Internal Assessment (Assessment and certification at school level) Subject 8 and 9 Art Education, Health and Physical Education (Work Experience subsumed)

Total 100 Marks
(Syllabus for assessment will be only Class – X

Subjects 80 Marks (Board Examination)

Internal Assessment (20 Marks)

    Periodic Assessment (10 Marks) Portfolio (5 Marks) Subject Enrichment Activity (5 Marks)

Language 1


Board will conduct Class-X Examination for 80 marks in each subject covering 100% syllabus of the subject of Class- only. Marks and Grades both will be awarded for individual subjects. 9 point grading will be same as followed by the Board in Class XII

(I) (II) (III)

Language 2

Pen and Paper Test (5 Marks) Multiple Assessment (5Marks) Classwork, Peer assessment, Self-assessment, Reflections, narrations, journals, Achievements of student in the subject Speaking and listening Skills
Science Speaking and listening Skills
Mathematics Practical Lab work
Social Science Maths Lab Practical
6th Additional subject Map Work and Project Work
6th Additional subject Note: In case student opts a language as 6th additional subject the modalities defined for Languages 1 and 2 shall be followed

Co-Scholastic Activities
5 point Grading Scale (A to E)
No Up-scaling of Grades


  • Attendance
  • Sincerity
  • Behavior
  • Values

Students will be assessed on a 5 Point Scale (A-E)


Grading scale for scholastic areas : Grades are awarded on a 8- point grading scales as follows:
Grading scale for scholastic areas : Grades are awarded on a 8 point grading scales as follows:

91 – 100 A1
81 – 90 A2
71 – 80 B1
61 – 70 B2
51 – 60 C1
41 -50 C2
33 – 40 D
32 and Below E (Failed)


A 1                  Top 1/8th of the Passed Candidates
A2                   Next 1/8th of the Passed Candidates
B1                   Next 1/8th of the Passed  Candidates
B2                   Next 1/8th of the Passed Candidates
C1                    Next 1/8th of the Passed Candidates
C2                    Next 1/8th of the Passed Candidates
D1                    Next 1/8th of the Passed Candidates
D2                    Next 1/8th of the Passed Candidates
E                      Failed Candidates
Area of School Campus
(i). In acres
(ii) Sq.Mtrs.
(iii) Built-up area (Sq.Mtrs)
(iv) Area of Playground                                                                          1122.2m2
(V)Other facilities:
   (i) Swimming Pool
   (ii) Indoor Games Yes
   (iii) Dance Rooms Yes
   (iv) Gymnasium
   (v) Music Room Yes
   (vi) Hostels
   (vii) Health & Medical Check up Yes
Details of Fee
   (i) Pre-Nursery
  (ii) Nursery Yes
  (iii) I to V 10620
  (iiii) VI to VIII 11490
  (iv) IX to X 12600
(V) XI to XII
Transport Facility
(i) Own Buses Yes
(ii) Buses Hired on contract basis Yes
Detail of Transport Charges 2250 – 3750